This Trait measures more than just physical beauty. Any physical feature — animation, expressiveness, cuteness, vulnerability, etc. — that others find enticing could be considered part of your Appearance. It can be vital in some situations, for like it or not, we're all influenced by the way people look. The Appearance Trait is used to determine first impressions, but it also dictates how well a person can affect their appearance to fit a situation.

  • Specialties: Bold Demeanor, Fragility, Glamorous, Sex Appeal, Style

• Poor: homely, undesirable, unsightly, repulsive

•• Average: plain, unnoticeable , inconspicuous, dull

••• Good: attractive, pretty, comely, appealing

•••• Exceptional: alluring, delightful, beautiful, seductive

••••• Outstanding: awe-inspiring, bewitching, gorgeous

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