For whatever reason, a Garou owes you a big indulgence. Perhaps you saved her life or rescued one of her Kinfolk. Whatever the reason, you can claim one favor from the person; it may take the form of a "get out of trouble free" card, a cash gift, a shift as private bodyguard or even a wet job (assassination). Like Equipment, though, once you spend the Favor, it's gone forever, unless you somehow win another. Explain to your Storyteller how you got the favor and a bit about the person who owes you.

• One Favor from a Garou of low rank (0-1).

•• One Favor from a Garou of medium rank (2).

••• One Favor from a Garou of high rank (3-4).

•••• One Favor from a Garou of highest rank (5).

••••• One Favor from a tribal leader.

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