Corax know things. That's what they're all about, after all — knowing things. Furthermore, Corax have a mandate from Gaia to uncover things that other folks want to keep hidden. A wereraven with this background is already one step ahead of the game, and has uncovered something that she has absolutely no business knowing. The secret could belong to another Corax, or it could be a tidbit about another supernatural creature. It might be something relating to one individual, or it could be a secret relating to a race (or Breed) as a whole. It could even be the knowledge of a particular Gift or rite normally unavailable to Corax. The point is, however, that a Corax with this background knows something she shouldn't. Other Corax will try to coerce the secret out of her, while those whose beans have been spilled may come looking for vengeance.

Note: Someone Else's Secrets works in a fashion similar, but not identical, to the Background: Secrets in Bastet. Secrets, while applicable to Corax as well, has a generic connotation to it. Other People's Secrets, on the other hand, has a definitely nasty and dirty connotation to it. A Corax with this Background knows dangerous, potentially fatal things — this goes far beyond gossip.

• A small secret

•• A Gift, rite or other moderately important matter

••• A matter of life and death for someone

•••• Not earth-shattering, but important on a city-wide scale

••••• Something no Corax should have a right to know — such as a Yava or the sleeping place of an Antediluvian.

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