In contrast to bringing mundane people into the Dreaming, a changeling can transfer his fae mien and all of his chimerical possessions into the real world by calling upon the Wyrd. This action allows a changeling to manifest a bit of the chimerical world in the real world.

When a changeling successfully calls upon the Wyrd, his chimerical form becomes real, as do all chimerical items and any chimerical companions he may have. (Chimerical companions are considered to be those recorded on the character sheet under the Chimera Background, not chimera the character may have befriended.)

For the character to call upon the Wyrd successfully, they must spend a point of Willpower and a point of Glamour. They must then make a successful Willpower roll, difficulty equal to the changeling's permanent Glamour rating. Only a single success is required to call upon the Wyrd. The effect lasts for the duration of the scene. Failure on the roll simply means the character is incapable of carrying his fae image and possessions over into the material world.

Effects of the Wyrd

  • The character's Fae Mien is fully visible to all.
  • All chimerical weapons in that character's possession inflict real damage.
  • Any chimerical companions purchased as Background are real and do real damage.
  • A character who has called upon the Wyrd takes real damage from all chimerical weapons, cantrips and creatures.

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