A list of all canon septs, though it is by no means an exhaustive list. Feel free to add new ones with wiz approval. For information on how to form your own caern, see the Caerns Chart.

Note: If the OOC contact for a sept is no longer active, contact the shifter sphere wizard(s), instead.

United StatesEdit

Pacific Coast CaernsEdit

Southwestern CaernsEdit

Intermountain West CaernsEdit

Midwestern CaernsEdit

Southeastern CaernsEdit

Mid Atlantic CaernsEdit

New England CaernsEdit

Canadian CaernsEdit

Other North American CaernsEdit

South American CaernsEdit

European CaernsEdit

Sept of the Nine, near Athens, Greece.

Asian CaernsEdit

African CaernsEdit

Australasian CaernsEdit

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