The Eyes of Seline are characterized by the following:

  • All Bastet tribes have different Yava (secrets).
  • Bastet do not have auspices. Pryio do not affect frenzy difficulties.
  • Bastet typically frenzy less often than their Garou cousins. (It generally takes a little more emotional strife for a Bastet to suffer a Rage roll than a Garou; this is ultimately GM discretion).
  • Between whiskers and the use of padaa (curling back the lip from the teeth to both taste and smell the air), a Bastet in any form but Homid may see in anything but total darkness. This further manifests as a -2 to all Perception-related difficulties.
  • Botching any Willpower roll may cause an Accidental Shift. Make another Willpower roll at difficulty 7; if this is failed, a Bastet begins to shift between forms uncontrollably. A turn of focus and a Willpower point are the only way to stop an Accidental Shift.
  • Bastet may not step sideways without certain gifts or some other aid.
  • All Bastet Crinos forms maintain Delirium at +1 on the chart. Chatro maintains Delirium as normal.
  • All Bastet have the opportunity to be trained in Keurar (Bastet Mother's Tongue), and Whisker-Speak (which requires an Intelligence + Primal-Urge roll in the case of unfamiliar lands or breeds) and has few, if any, verbal components.


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