Bone Gnawers
Tribal Glyph: BG
Totem: Rat
Notable Aliases: Gnawers
Alliances: Garou Nation
Sourcebooks: Bone Gnawer Tribebook
Bone Gnawer Tribebook revised

Possibly the best-informed tribe and the most competent at spying. The Bone Gnawers live in poverty, and the other tribes despise them for their casual ways, but cannot deny their usefulness.

  • Initial Willpower: 4
  • Backgrounds: Ancestors, Pure Breed and Resources are not available to Bone Gnawers.
  • Beginning Gifts: Cooking, Resist Toxin, Tagalong

History Edit

None current.

Current Tribal Information Edit

  • Elder: Starcaller
  • Territory: All over the bloody place
  • Home Base: The city


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