The Bringers of Light have been and continue to remain some of the most selfless Garou on the planet. They also put the lie to the image of Shadow Lords as conniving schemers interested only in advancing their own status and power. Like all Lords, the Bringers of Light seek information. They wish to master the ways of the Wyrm, so that they might destroy that entity's influence from within. They run with vampires, masquerade as Black Spiral Dancers, and walk among fomori so that by understanding the Wyrm's power, they can better subvert it, using it to advance the goals of the tribe. Many fall, of course; the path they choose is quite dangerous, and they risk death at the hands of those around them as well as corruption from the touch of the Wyrm. But those who survive are among the greatest the Garou have to offer, and they use their knowledge and their status to stage some of the most devastating raids on the Wyrm's minions the world has ever seen.

While the Bringers of Light are technically a camp, it might be better to call them a brotherhood of sorts. They don't usually run in packs, and they don't hold shadow moots as most of the other camps do. They have no secret agenda to speak of, and as a result they speak plainly whenever the need arises. In place of Shadow Moots, then, the Lightbringers forge informal networks with one another, sharing tips and strategies for fighting the Wyrm. These networks also allow them to search for up-and-coming Lords who might share their interests in subverting the Wyrm from within. Potential students are approached when it is safe and convenient to do so, and they study for a short while with an established member of the camp before setting off on their own.

Source: Tribebook - Shadow Lords (Revised)

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