Changelings are mortal vessels harboring Faerie souls. Arcadia, the home of the Fae, closed its doors and those trapped outside of it have found ways to cope, to survive; by adopting a mortal body and living with one foot in reality, and one the in the Dream.

Changeling is about lost innocence, about the cynicism of adulthood and make-believe come to life, about imagination taking fruit. You will find an invisible world of fantasy that exists alongside our reality — a place of delight, mystery and enormous peril. You will discover what it is like to be exiled from your homeland, persecuted for your true nature and unable to express the beauty welling up from your soul. You will know what it is like to be alone in a crowd, to be aware of the power of dreams and to be able to tap the power of magic. And you will learn what it is like to be helpless in the arms of Fate and unable to stop the crushing weight of Banality from robbing your memory of all you have discovered.

Enter into the realm of the Dreaming — a place of unimagined wonder and impossible terror.

[See Changeling Lexicon for glossary terms.]


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