The Children of Crow are, in many ways, the epitome of what it means to be a Shadow Lord. They stick to the shadows, uninterested in personal power or leadership. Instead, they work behind the scenes, learning secrets and paying attention to the details others would miss, which they use to bring down the Garou's enemies and free Gaia, little by little. They make dedicated, loyal betas.

They have close ties with the Corax, which makes them some of the most well-informed Garou. While they will not usually use this information for their own gain, they have no compunctions against destroying an unfit leader and taking their place. Rumors have spread of weak alphas that ended up with knives in their backs as the Children of Crow made room for worthier successors.

Children of Crow tend to have enormous pools of contacts, which may even include the Corax or other changing breeds. Their kin relations are also often strongly developed. They don't tend to have much in the way of Rites or Fetishes, as these are usually reserved for pack leaders. As for resources, they tend to either have quite a bit of tangible wealth, which they can use to further their superior's goals, or they joined precisely because they didn't have enough to make a bid for alpha (and the alpha can then take care of them in exchange for their aid.)

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