Rara Avis Corvid
Strength +1 -1
Dexterity +1 +1
Stamina +1
Manipulation -3 -3
Appearance -1
Perception +3 +4

Inherent Traits Edit

A Corax is capable of a solid hour of flying without tiring, and does not need to be taught how to do this. The knowledge is instinctual. Furthermore, airborne Corax can reach altitudes of up to 1000 feet.
Altered Senses
While in Rara Avis or Corvid forms, all sight-based Perception rolls are made at -2 difficulty. But at the same time all scent-related rolls are +2 difficulty.
Light Bones
The difficulty of rolls for Athletics (and Dodge if the Storyteller deems it appropriate) are reduced by 1 for all Corax.
Sparkly Things
Corax is compelled to at least check out anything shiny. With a Manipulation + Subterfuge roll (Diff 6), this can be done without being obvious. A Corax can also roll Willpower (Diff 7) or spend a temporary Willpower point to ignore this calling.
Corax LOVE to talk. They know when to hold their tongue, but when they get started, they don't stop.
Were-ravens are burned by gold just like the Garou are by silver.


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