Glass WalkersEdit

Glass Walkers
Tribal Glyph: IR
Totem: Cockroach
Notable Aliases: Warder of Apes/Man (Dark Ages)
Iron Riders (Wild West)
Tetrasomians (Renaissance)
Alliances: Garou Nation
Beast Courts of the Emerald Mother (Boli Zouhisze)
Sourcebooks: Glass Walker Tribebook
Glass Walker Tribebook revised

The Glass Walkers have adapted more closely to city life than every other tribe (except the Bone Gnawers), and they are not considered trustworthy. Glass Walkers tend to gravitate toward high technology, high finance and the criminal underworld.

  • Initial Willpower: 3
  • Backgrounds: Glass Walkers may not purchase Ancestors, Mentor or Pure Breed.
  • Beginning Gifts: Control Simple Machine, Diagnostics, Trick Shot

History Edit

None current.

Current Tribal Information Edit

  • Tribal Elder: Nicholas Grey.
  • Territory: Corporate Sector (Bridgetown/Highcliff).
  • Home Base: Grey Inc., secret lodging.


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