It's easy to underestimate the Swara. Most people do. They're not particularly strong, and their Gifts concentrate on misdirection and speed. Although they're faster than any other creature on land, the Swara's general skittishness and shy behavior lead other werecats to underestimate their equally quick and subtle minds.

As rovers, Swara tend to pick up many general Gifts, and learn secrets from many other tribes - including the Garou. Unbeknownst to most Bastet, the children of Damaa walk the space beneath the world. In the Umbra, they traffic with the spirits and learn many of the ancestral Gifts usually reserved for the dogs. These Gifts, too numerous to mention, place them close to the werewolves when it comes to spirit-savvy. Most Theurge Gifts can be considered tribal secrets of equal rank, in addition to the ones offered below. This wisdom is not common knowledge among catkind; for the rambling cheetahs, it's helpful, even essential, to remain underestimated.

Source: Bastet Breedbook, page 117.