Symbol of the Virtual Adepts

Mages of Virtual Adepts are technological adepts capable of informational wizardry. They are masters of the sphere of Correspondence, magic dealing with three-dimensional location and space, and communications.

The Virtual Adept philosophy resembles the real-world Hacker Manifesto, and the imagery and style of the Adepts was influenced by the cyberpunk movement, including works like Neuromancer and Ghost in the Shell. The Virtual Adepts also have a great deal in common with the "hackers" in the movie trilogy The Matrix. Outside of fiction, many ideas from transhumanism, including brain-computer interface and "mind uploading", can be found as tools in the Virtual Adept arsenal.

Virtual Adepts are the newest of the Nine Traditions, having taken the place of the Ahl-i-Batin in the seat of Correspondence. As a former subset of the Technocracy, many of the other mage traditions are more than a little suspicious of them. Likewise, the Virtual Adepts find most other traditions of mages to be too old-fashioned, superstitious, or just plain crazy. They find the most in common with the Sons of Ether, who are also a former Technocracy group turned mage tradition, and are similarly technologically minded. It is common for Virtual Adepts to get useful techno-gadgets from Sons of Ether friends, and in turn, lend them their own style of expertise in computer systems.

Virtual Adepts believe that communication and information are the keys to success. They argue that information should be free and available to everyone, which is represented in their primary sphere of Correspondence - that everything is everywhere and that distance is meaningless.


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