Tribal Glyph: Wendigo
Totem: Wendigo
Notable Aliases: The Little Brother
(among tribes native to America)
Alliances: Garou Nation
Sourcebooks: Wendigo Tribebook
Wendigo Tribebook revised

The Wendigo are the only Garou tribe composed primarily of Native American members, but a few have bred outside their traditional lineages. The Wendigo resent the other tribes' presence in North America, and they guard their caerns from all others.

  • Initial Willpower: 4
  • Backgrounds: Wendigo may not purchase Contacts or Resources.
  • Beginning Gifts: Call the Breeze, Camouflage, Resist Pain

History Edit

None current.

Current Tribal Information Edit

  • Elder: None.
  • Territory: None.
  • Home Base: None.


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