Changelings often tend to focus their Glamour-gathering activities around certain arts that appeal to them. The art a changeling selects for this purpose is known as her patronage. Although childlings and wilders sometimes change their patronages from one art to another, grumps usually settle upon a single art and stick to it. Wilders tend to choose experimental arts to patronize; childlings prefer more direct and simple ones; grumps opt for more sophisticated or traditional arts.

Most Kithain indulge in their patronages at every opportunity, visiting places significant to their particular art or arts and collecting people who are practitioners of their patronages. The acquisition of items and people acts as a source of rivalry between changelings, allowing patrons of the same art to indulge in friendly competition to the benefit (usually) of their chosen art.

Cliques Edit

Kithain often form groups known as cliques to share their patronage with others of like mind, increasing its enjoyment. Through patronage, Kithain inspire mortals to dream, and thus add to the supply of Glamour in the world. Therefore, patronage not only provides a pleasant pastime, it also makes a vital contribution to the Dreaming. Most changeling cliques know this, although they do not let the importance of their task get in the way of having a good time.

Cliques associated with traditional or medieval arts call themselves noble patronages, while those dedicated to modern or experimental arts are referred to as vulgar patronages. Both noble and vulgar cliques often give themselves formal or whimsical names, depending on the nature of the arts they patronize. Noble cliques include the Galateans, who patronize the visual arts of painting and sculpture; the Calliopians, who revere both the written and spoken word; the Terpsichoreans, who favor dance over other arts; and the Olympians, who admire athletes and bodybuilders. Vulgar cliques include the Groupies, who patronize rock and roll; the Anachronists, who prefer the ancient crafts of the common folk; the Zoetrope Society, which consists of film aficionados; the Mad Hatters, who find inspiration among the insane; the Daydreamers (a childling clique), who encourage the natural Glamour of human children; and the Hackers, who promote Glamour via the Information Superhighway.