Grey Incorporated is the somewhat innocuous name given to the most up-and-coming Green Tech company. But what does Grey Incorporated do? And who is Nicholas Grey, the company's CEO? Competing with other local Green Tech companies in Crystal Springs, CO, Grey Incorporated had to be a leg above the rest to get the recognition it does.

But let's start at the beginning, shall we? Nicholas Grey grew up in Aspen, CO, as the son of two business executives. His father Marshall Grey started SmartTek, a computer science business that helped define the Colorado computer industry in the seventies; his mother Jennifer Grey had a very successful locally based knitting company that catered to Aspen's ample tourist population. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, as they say. After the tragic death of his parents in 1995, Nicholas's interest in following in their footsteps came to the forefront. Coupled with a life-long interest in nature, this drive to succeed planted the seed that became Grey Incorporated.

In 2004, Nicholas came to Crystal Springs and bought the old Price-Donnell building in Bridgetown. Back in the 20's, the building was used as a cereal factory, but a chemical fire left the inside an unusable husk. It sat dormant, until Grey swooped in and claimed it eighty years later. Renovations happened at top speed, finishing within the year and updating the old brick building with a slick interior, solar panels, and low-energy equipment. It's also something of a local legend, however, that as the renovations continued, nothing less than an oak tree somehow took root in the roof, flourishing without aid of soil. Though this phenomenon is not unheard of, it certainly lends a bit of flare for Grey Incorporated's reputation of the Greenest of the Green!

Now Grey has gained a reputation amongst his competitors as an even-minded businessman; yet he has also been called a keen negotiator. Grey Incorporated may not have the longevity that Baldwin Science and Technology does, but the company is swiftly overtaking the coveted number one ranking for Green Tech companies in the area due to a focus on low price, easy implementation, and pervasive marketing. Of course, the tree might also have something to do with its rocketing popularity. Nicholas Grey himself is also known as somewhat of a humanitarian as well: he gives generously to charities; he visits the Richard Matthews Forest Reserve every day and picks up litter; he's also served as a Ranger for a short period of time as well. With a face like that, no wonder the company is popular.

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