(2 point Flaw) (Technocracy)

Some people were born of natural parents. You were born in a creche. Sexless fertilization, genetic alteration and carefully monitored Procedures brought you into this world, and no one will let you forget that. Despite this "Unity" everyone talks about, people treat you different. Some outright despise you, while others treat you sooo nicely that it makes you want to puke. Chances are, you consider yourself different, too. Maybe you're arrogant about your Homo superior status... or perhaps you'd consider Homo freakus more appropriate. In social situations, you're at a constant disadvantage (and might suffer penalties to your Social rolls), either through others' aversion or your own insecurity.

  • Note: This Flaw is not required of all construct characters. It represents a construct who's painfully obvious about what he is, not one who blends in well. The Technocracy has many of both.

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