(1-5 point Flaw)

You have been cursed by someone or something with supernatural or magical powers. This curse is specific and detailed. It cannot be dispelled without extreme effort, and it can be life-threatening. Some examples follow:

  • If you pass on a secret that was told to you, your betrayal will later harm you in some way. Your fur falls out in clumps from time to time, lowering your Appearance to 1 for days at a stretch. (One point)
  • You stutter uncontrollably when you try to describe what you have seen or heard. You always wind up losing something very important to you — your keys, a minor fetish or that strategic memo from the Pentex board of directors. (Two points)
  • Tools often break or malfunction when you attempt to use them. (Three points)
  • You are doomed to make enemies of those to whom you become most attached (so whatever you do, don't get too close to the other characters!). (Four points)
  • Every one of your accomplishments or achievements will eventually, inevitably, become soiled and fail in some way. Any fetishes you use have a fifty-fifty chance of not working even if you manage to successfully activate them. (Five points)

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