(3 point Flaw) (Technocracy)

The voices in your head won't let you be! Superstitionist visions torment you night and day, weird Eidolons tantalize you with their commands, everything in you says you're going insane, but still the Genius drives you towards a complete breakdown... or treason.

Essentially, this Flaw represents a mystic Avatar - one that refuses to accept the Technocracy's paradigm, and runs around in your head in a fully supernatural form. This split between your conscious mind and mystic soul erodes your sanity and tears at your allegiance to the Union. It makes an appropriate addition to Merits like Avatar Companion, Inner Knight, Past Life, Spirit Mentor and Twin Souls, as well as Flaws like Dark Fate, Psychic Vampire, and Throwback. What you see and what you believe are on a crash course. Sooner or late, one will win... or you'll go mad... or both.

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