(2 point Flaw) (Mokole)

Your Mnesis contains a powerful and dangerous memory, called a Dream Hunter. This deadly creature was roused from slumber when you remembered the time and place wherein it lived. Whenever it gets a chance, it will attack you in Mnesis, trying to kill you or drive you mad. Your battles with it take place in Mnesis, using spirit combat rules. Unless you are able to kill it permanently by finding the place and time in the Memory whence it came and destroying it completely there, or by erasing Mnesis with the Rite of the Burning Library, it will continue to hunt you and anyone who inwits with you. This Flaw actually may include more than one Dream Hunter, but usually only one will appear at a time. More details of the statistics of these creatures may be found in the Mokole book in the Appendix: Night.

Source: Mokole