(1-5 pt. Flaw)

The beliefs of the unawakened affect you more strongly than they do most mages. Depending on where you are at any given time, the superstitious beliefs of the Sleepers around you can actually become your reality. The severity of the Echoes differs from mage to mage — for some, there is only minor inconvenience, but for others, the situation can be deadly. In some cases, the beliefs of the Sleepers can be beneficial, but they are most often harmful in some way.

Very minor (1 point)
While you are not truly affected by the Echoes, you have an affect on the nature of reality in the area. For example, milk may sour in your presence, or bread does not rise while you are in a kitchen.
Mild (2 points)
Echoes of this level can be an inconvenience, sometimes physically and sometimes mentally. For example, dogs have a tendency to growl when you are around; you could be physically incapable of entering a person's home without permission (anyone at all can invite you in, it need not be the owner of the property); horses break into a hard sweat when you are nearby.
Noticeable (3 points)
The flaws are easily noticed by those with a trained eye. You are easily distracted by religious symbols of any nature; you develop a sudden allergy to salt; your hair moves opposite the breeze.
Distracting (4 points)
You have trouble concentrating when people act a certain way around you, and people of a superstitious nature will not trust you without the aid of magick. You may be affected by the "evil eye"; anyone casting this gesture in your direction is unaffected by your powers; certain herbs and home remedies have the same affect on you; you cast no shadow, or your shadow moves of its own volition.
Powerful (5 points)
You are still able to alter reality, but you are now susceptible to the whims of the collective unconscious. Also, you now affect reality without trying. The beliefs of the area where you are currently located can grant you extra powers and cause you physical changes. You might not sink in water, you float; physically touching the ground can cause you pain; those who are "psychically aware" are thrown into convulsions in your presence and often speak in tongues.

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