(2-5 pt Flaw)

The better body they promised you hasn't been everything it's supposed to be. Maybe your cybernetics kick out at odd moments or the counterprocedures fail just as you need them most or your augmented prowess demands a steady diet of highcarbo snacks or your psi enhancers go haywire and flood you with overstimulation.... No matter what the difficulty, you suffer from some sort ofhandicap related to your bioenhancement (see the Background: Enhancement). The Flaw bonus depend on how frequently (and how badly) things go screwy:

  • You suffer constant pain, disorientation or hunger: two points.
  • You suffer enough discomfort to affect your performance (subtract one from all dice pools) unless you take medication or other measures: three points.
  • Your Enhancements fail you when you need them. (They go offline when you botch a roll, and they must be repaired by a biotechnician character): four points.
  • Your Enhancements fail constantly. (Roll a die against difficulty 7 whenever you make some effort involving your Enhancement. If you succeed, nothing goes wrong; if you fail, the Enhancement locks up, fades, or shuts off. If you botch, it goes out totally): five points.

Nothing you can do will fix the problem; a skilled biotechnician may be able to, given time and an opportunity to operate on you at length. If someone does manage to repair the Enhancements, you will lose the Raw and its bonus. As an option, you might just buy it down and save yourself some agony. Then again, they say suffering builds character. In your case, that's true.

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