(5 pt Flaw)

You're in trouble with Control. Maybe you're a renegade superstitionist who's still under guard in her new "family," an agent who's too careless or independent for her own good, a loudmouth who's said way too much or a loose cannon with one more shot left in her.... Either way, you've already been subjected to discipline. Now you stand one or two steps from total re-education... or termination. You've been too valuable to kill so far, but one more slip, and...

In game terms, this separation makes it very hard to get things done; add two or three to the difficulty of any roll that involves requisitioning equipment, making friends, pulling strings or employing other Union resources. Occasionally, other parties will deliberately screw with your missions, tools or reputation. (Storyteller's option.) Worse, the upper echelons are watching you; you can't afford to step out of line... ever. Not if you want to stay alive.

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