(3 point Flaw) (Garou)

You are pursued by a fanatical werewolf hunter who believes you are a dangerous, slavering beast inimical to humanity (whether you are or not). All your companions may be hunted by the same individual as well. Although this hunter seeks the destruction of all Garou, there is something about you that impassions this killer. The hunter is, for some reason, immune to the Delirium.

(4 point Flaw) (Changeling/Vampire)

Werewolves are not the only supernatural who need to fear fanatical witch-hunters. You have somehow attracted the interest of some mortal agency or individual who now seeks your destruction. This hunter is beyond reason, and has some form of power, influence or authority that puts you at a disadvantage. Your friends, family and associates are likewise endangered. Sooner or later, this Flaw will result in a confrontation. The resolution should not be an easy one.