The Moon Dancers are filled with passion and song, so Luna gives them Gifts that allow them to weave emotions, dreams and hopes. The Galliard is an artist of the highest order, and all the world is his canvas.

Source: 3rd ed WWtA Corebook, page 140.

Rank 1Edit

Beast Speech

Call of the Wyld

Memory Circle


Perfect Recall

Rank 2Edit

Call of the Wyrm





Unified Force

Rank 3Edit

Eye of the Cobra

Scent of Distinction

Sing the Spirits

Song of Rage

View the Battlefield

Rank 4Edit

Book of Years

Bridge Walker

Fog of War

Shadows by the Firelight

Song of the Siren

Rank 5Edit

Fabric of the Mind

Head Games

Legend's Insight

Rank 6Edit


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