Banish Cahlash’s Brood (Rank 3-4)Edit

By calling upon the Father of Dark Spirits, a Bubasti may command one of his brood to depart. Of course, powerful spirits or ones bound into fetishes won’t be easily dismissed; doing so may demand great rituals or even a sacrifice. Small independent elementals or Banes, however, may be banished with slight effort. Calling upon Cahlash has a price: Each time the werecat performs this Gift, his fur grows a deeper shade of black and his actions become more... erratic. Garou or Bastet who Sense Wyrm on him will detect the Unmaker’s essence upon him until he purges himself somehow. The more spirits he banishes, the deeper the taint becomes.

Khan Bastet may learn this Gift at Rank 4. For the Khan, it turns the tiger’s pelt white instead of black. Unlike the shadowcats, tigers channel Rahjah to banish corruption.


The cat’s player rolls Manipulation + Enigmas and spends a Willpower point to attempt to dismiss a spirit. The difficulty is the spirit’s Gnosis, or its Rage if the latter is higher. Each success removes 10 points of the spirit’s Power. Banishing a 30 Power spirit, then, requires at least three successes. Getting rid of a powerful spirit might require an extended roll or two; a spirit bound into a fetish, meanwhile, sets the difficulty at 6 plus the fetish’s level (a level 4 fetish would be difficulty 10, as would a level 5). Sacrificing a bit of blood to Cahlash may add to the Gift’s effectiveness; for every Health Level "spent" this way, the Bubasti lowers his difficulty by 1. The spirit isn’t under any obligation to sit still during the process, and may attack the Bastet until either the werecat stops or the spirit disappears. Nala help the werecat who botches this Gift; the Wyrm taint fills him utterly, and he must make a Rage roll, difficulty 6, or frenzy. Atonement isn’t impossible, but ridding one’s self of the dark taint often requires a rigorous quest without Renown.

Other terms for this gift are: Asura's Bane

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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