Black Friday (Rank 5) Edit

This dreaded Gift, the bane of the Information Age, allows a Bastet to crash a computer network in seconds. By communing with Net Spiders (see What's the Password?) and promising a few favors, a lucky werecat can wreak system havoc without even touching a keyboard. It's rarely done because of its tendency to backfire (wiping out one's own computer files!), but causes untold headaches for the programmers of Pentex.

System Edit

The player rolls his Manipulation + Enigmas to convince the Spiders to do his dirty work. Obviously, he has to have some way of reaching them first, such as a Gift, a short visit to the Penumbra, or a message typed into the doomed system. Once the deal is set in motion, the Spiders eat the system's data; a skillful data retriever can undo the damage, but it'll take days or weeks to fix. The Gift's difficulty depends on the size and complexity of the system in question. Protected networks add one to the amount of successes needed; magickal systems include Trinary computers or Technomagickal networks (see Mage: The Ascension). A botch causes the Spiders to wreck your own data instead. Note that this kind of tampering immediately sets off alarms on guarded systems; a would-be saboteur would be wise to amscray ontopray!

Difficulties/Successes Needed: Edit

Network Difficulty Successes Needed
Small Office 6 one-two
Large Office 6 three-four
Small Corporate 7 four-five
Large Corporate 8 four-five
International/Government 9 five-10
Secret Government/Magickal 10 five-15

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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