Bolt! (Rank 3)Edit

A Ratkin with this Gift can bolt out of any fight. Even if the wererat is totally surrounded, he will find a way to escape from his foes. This works roughly the same way as the Backbite: the Ratkin "leaps" a short distance through the Umbra to a safe place. A wererat who returns to battle after bolting will lose 2 points of Cunning Renown; a wererat who chooses the better part of valor will no doubt escape.


Spend one Gnosis; the Ratkin can appear up to 50 feet away, as long as his destination is within line-of-sight. Then spend a point of Rage; this allows the rat to use an extra turn of movement to run away from his enemies. Halt the Coward's Flight will not prevent the Ratkin from leaping through the Umbra, but it will still slow the running speed afterward by half.

Source: Ratkin Breedbook

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