Call the Pride (Rank 3)Edit

By moaning or crying out, the Bastet may summon the local cats (domestic, wild or big cats, depending on where she is) to her aid. Although the Gift isn’t a life-or-death command, the summoned cats will help the Bastet if they can. Some Bastet can summon other creatures as their “prides;” Bubasti often keep jackals nearby, Qualmi summon birds, and Pumonca have been known to summon hawks, owls and alligators to their defense.


Roll Charisma + Animal Ken (difficulty 7). For each success, four normal cats or one large predator (if any are nearby) respond at their own speed. The Gift can reach up to a mile; cats more distant than that won’t be much help, anyhow. The Pride remains until it has performed one service, then departs. Variant creatures must be approved by the Storyteller, and work just as cats do (four small or one large per success).

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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