Carrion's CallEdit

(Level Two) As much as their other functions obscure the fact, the Corax still feed on - and are intimately linked to - death and the dead. Furthermore, the Corax have a nigh-sacred duty relating to the corpses of the slain that demands that Raven’s children be able to find the freshly slaughtered. This Gift tells a Corax when a fresh corpse is nearby, and inexorably leads the wereraven to the site where the body rests. This has its ups and downs - clever fomor are more than happy to murder innocents to attract the attention of Corax with this Gift. After all, once Carrion’s Call has been issued, the Corax has no choice but to eventually, somehow, respond. Carrion’s Call is taught by a Vulture-spirit.


A Corax can hear Carrion’s Call by rolling Perception + Empathy (difficulty 6) and spending a point of Gnosis. The Gift’s range is up to a mile, and in case of extreme success, even further. While a Corax does not need to respond to Carrion’s Call immediately, he has no more than 24 hours in which to do so or else Raven himself will punish the Corax for dereliction of duty. This punishment takes the form of stripping the Corax of one permanent Honor Renown, as the transgressor has clearly ignored honor’s demands by refusing to heed the call.

This gift is learned by: Corax

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