Chariot of Lions (Rank 5)Edit

This less-than-subtle Gift lets a Ceilican conjure a chariot drawn by huge cats. Like the craft of the goddess Freyja, this chariot is made of coarse-cut wood and covered with Nordic designs. The two huge cats that pull it run as fast as the average car, and can, in a pinch, carry the Ceilican and one passenger into the air for a few moments. Only the Mistress of Catkind teaches this Gift; learning it without her blessings is a grave insult.


The player rolls Gnosis against difficulty 8 and spends three Gnosis points. The chariot appears from thin air and lasts for one scene, or for an hour — long enough to make a quick getaway, but not long enough to use as regular transportation. By spending a Willpower point, the Bastet’s player may urge the chariot into the air for two turns; each additional turn costs another Willpower point.

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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