Cobra's Dance (Rank 3)Edit

Long ago, a panther named Tola entered into negotiations with King Snake. After weeks of discussion and debate, the two came to an understanding of sorts. No one knows what secrets Tola offered King Snake, but he learned this Gift as part of the exchange. The Dance allows a cat to freeze prey with a glance. Some old Bagheera claim to know other secrets of the serpent folk, but if any other Gifts have survived, they’re not well known.


To begin the Dance, a panther sways in place; the player rolls Manipulation + Expression and spends a Gnosis point. This requires at least one turn spent dancing, and the effect lasts one turn per success. The roll’s difficulty depends on the target: hypnotizing most animals is easy (5), while freezing a hostile vampire is anything but (10). To break the spell, the target must win a Willpower contest with the cat (difficulty 8). Otherwise, he’s held stunned and helpless until the Gift wears off. Once the Dance takes hold, the cat can do whatever she likes — such as leaving, talking or mauling the target.

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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