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Dam the Heartflood (Rank 4) Edit

No other tribe among the Garou has as much hatred for vampires, for as just a cause, as the Silent Striders. It is no surprise then that the Striders sought out this Gift, searching long through the spirit world and the physical world for the secret to incapacitating a vampire. They found an answer from the spirit children of Cobra, who taught them a spirit-poison usable against the vampires who defiled Cobra's name.

System Edit

This Gift can only be used on supernatural creatures that use a blood pool to power their abilities (vampires, ghouls and the spider-shifter Ananasi). The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Medicine (difficulty of the target's Willpower). Each success renders the target unable to tap the power of her blood for one turn - she may not use any blood related powers or spend blood points to heal wounds, activate Disciplines or Gifts, or for any other reason. A Garou may only use this Gift once per scene per target, but multiple werewolves can envenom the same target.

Source: Silent Striders Tribebook Revised

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