Dance of the Chaya (Rank 3)Edit

One of the greatest favors a Bastet can offer a spirit is the chance to ride in his skin for a while. Although most cats would never consider such a “loan,” many Swara see voluntary possession as a service, not a chore. This Gift, which begins with a frenzied dance, allows a chaya to enter the werecat and “take control” for a while. The spirit gets a body to ride, and the werecat gets certain… benefits. The Dance is seen more as an act of love or affection than of servitude — a sentiment few Bastet would ever understand.


A smart cheetah performs a spirit calling before he starts the Gift, and scans the Umbra to see who responds before opening himself to the possession. More often than not, the cat will be familiar with the ghost or spirit before he offers it a ride. Once the Dance has begun, the player rolls Charisma + Enigmas, difficulty 7. The Gift lasts about two turns per success, and allows the Swara to do things that would usually be impossible — wild contortions, great feats of strength, flight, etc. The exact effects of the Dance will depend on the spirit, the Bastet, their circumstances, and the relationship between the three, but should emphasize drama over game systems.

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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