Darksight (Rank 1)Edit

All wererats possess a low-level "night vision" that allows them to peer into the shadowy corners of the world. This Gift magnifies that ability. Highly perceptive Ratkin may pick up heat signatures, see sound waves, or possibly see through various methods of supernatural obfuscation. This Gift is taught by a Night-spirit.


Roll Perception + Occult (diff 7); each success adds one die to all Perception rolls for the rest of the scene, up to a maximum of 3 extra dice. With five successes, the Ratkin can perform amazing feats, such as seeing sound or sensing heat signatures. (Note: Any Ratkin can spend a Gnosis to use Night Vision for one scene; Ratkin with this Gift can use Night Vision at any time without spending Gnosis.)

It's possible for highly perceptive Ratkin to see through supernatural illusions, such as Shroud, Obtenebration, Obfuscate, or Chimerstry, but the wererat's Rank must be equal to the Rank of the supernatural creature. (Note: Vampires count as at least Rank 2, modified for age and puissance. Rank for Mages is roughly their Arete -2, with a minimum of Rank 1.) If the Ratkin's Rank is greater, success is automatic. If they are the same Rank, the wererat must make a resisted Perception + Occult roll against the creature's Stealth + Occult to see through the illusion.

Source: Ratkin Breedbook

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