Deny the Hungry (Rank 5) Edit

With a gesture or spray, a spiteful werecat can destroy crops and fertile land, spoil food or toxify drinking water. Legend lays this Gift at the feet of the Bubasti, who were said to punish disrespectful communities with famine and drought. Some Simba use it for the same reasons. Sadly, it's easier to destroy than to create; undoing this damage requires a different Gift all together.

Bubasti Bastet can learn this Gift at Rank 5.

System Edit

The player spends a permanent Rage point and rolls Wits + Primal-Urge (difficulty 7). Each success withers one mile of crops, spoils a waterhole or lake, or renders one ton of food or drink unusable. Only the Redeem the Waste Gift, a Rite of Cleansing, or powerful Life and Prime magicks (see Mage) can undo the destruction. Cropland will remain infertile for a year, water will be poisoned for the same time. Spoiled food is rotten forever, and those who eat it anyway will grow ill. These effects, and the casting of the Gift, clearly comes from the Unmaker, and may be detected by appropriate Gifts.

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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