Ears of the Bat (Rank 1-2)Edit

This Gift allows the Garou to use sonar like a bat. He may act in complete darkness without impairment. Black Spiral Dancers with this Gift have large, bat-like ears. Even in Homid form they have abnormally large ears. Corrupted Bat-spirits teach this Gift.

Black Spiral Dancers can learn this Gift at Rank 2.

In the case of Shadow Lords of the Children of Bat camp, the Gift is taught by an uncorrupted bat-spirit, and the Shadow Lord's ears do not actually change form. They may learn this Gift at Rank 1.


This Gift can be counteracted with some means of generating confusing ultrasonic sounds. Garou who make a Perception+Alerness (or Primal-Urge in Lupus) roll can hear the sonar. With three or more successes, she can determine the Garou's exact location.

Sources: 3rd ed WWtA Corebook, Shadow Lords Tribebook Revised

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