Element-Folk Favor (Rank 4)Edit

Old Stone Face made many allies among the elemental spirits, and performed many favors for their kind before passing on. The ageless spirits remember his good deeds by aiding those who invoke their ancient ancestor. A Pumonca who performs this Gift can call up an elemental spirit for help. Once it arrives, the spirit will do what it can to assist the cat; after it finishes one task, the spirit departs.


The player rolls Manipulation + Enigmas and spends a Gnosis point to summon the elemental. The roll’s difficulty is that of the local Gauntlet. The spirit, if it appears, will be friendly toward the cat, so long as she reminds him of her blood-link to Old Stone Face. No other tribe warrants the same kindness; in fact, Bubasti who have tried to swipe this Gift have been destroyed by the angry elemental spirits they called up. When the first service named has been finished, or when one hour has elapsed, the elemental departs peacefully.

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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