Farsight (Rank 2-3)Edit

By concentrating on a reflective surface or summoning a spirit, the Bastet looks into distant places. It helps if he’s been there before, but it isn’t essential. Once he finds what he’s looking for, he may watch it for a while until, slowly, the Farsight fades.

Balam find it easier to learn this Gift, and can do so at Rank 2. Other Bastet may learn this Gift at Rank 3.


Invoking this Gift requires a Gnosis point, a Perception + Occult roll, and time to concentrate. The roll’s difficulty depends on the werecat’s knowledge of his target. Although Farsight only spies on places, not people, anyone there can be observed as usual. The cat sees the place as if from a bird’s-eye perspective — high enough to see everything nearby, but close enough to discern objects. A Willpower roll (difficulty 6) allows him to “focus” on certain things. The Gift lasts for one turn per success, and extends up to 30 miles distant.

Location Difficulty
Intimately familiar (home, girlfriend's place) 6
Somewhat familiar (buddy's house, vacation spot) 7
Visited occasionally (old elementary school) 8
Been there once 9
Only described, or seen in photos 10

Other terms for this gift are: Smoking Mirror

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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