Feed the Gods (Rank 5)Edit

By reaching out with his hand, a powerful jaguar can rip the heart out of an enemy from a distance, pull it to his palm, and consume it in a burst of fire. This Gift kills the target if it succeeds. Only strong magic can rebuild the ashes of the heart or grow another one in its place.


The Balam’s player rolls Gnosis against difficulty 7, and spends two points of Gnosis as well. The cat’s successes must double the target’s Stamina rating; any armor, magical defenses, or dots in Fortitude, Glamour, the Spirit Sphere, Avatar or innate countermagick subtract one success for every dot of protection. Hence, this Gift isn’t a very effective method of sacrificing supernatural beings. Against unarmored humans, however, it’s devastating. The victim keels over and dies, as his heart flares into flame. It takes two turns to burn the heart into ash; by then, the victim is irrevocably dead unless someone has the power to rebuild his heart from powder and return the soul to its body. This Gift is totally useless against those already dead (but not undead — vampires can still be destroyed this way).

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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