Fist of Cahlash (Rank 3)Edit

By channeling in raw destructive power, an angry Bastet can destroy any material thing with a snarl. Although the Gift isn’t terribly effective against living (or undead) creatures, its potency can be avowed by a multitude of puzzled technicians and drivers in various rainforest-clearing projects.


The werecat’s player spends a Rage point and rolls her Rage against difficulty 6 (for inanimate objects) or 8 (for living or undead beings). Each success either destroys 10 pounds (or 10 cubic feet) of matter, or inflicts one aggravated Health Level. The latter damage can only be soaked by a Gnosis or Glamour roll (difficulty 6), Spirit or Prime countermagick, or vampiric Fortitude. Affected targets literally burst or fly apart. The Fist cannot affect spirit-matter of any kind; even Materialized spirits or ghosts are immune. New attacks require new rolls and expenditures.

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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