Flight of the SwiftEdit

(Level Three) Raven's aren't the fastest flyers out there. They admit this, and don't have a problem with it under most circumstances. However, on those rare occasions when a Corax finds himself chased by something both airborne, faster and nastier than he is, the Corax get's a little envious of his faster, smaller cousins. That's where Flight of the Swift comes in. In essence, it's a set of afterburners that a Corax can hide under her feathers giving her the wherewithal for an extremely speedy escape. A Swift-spirit teaches this gift.


All this Gift does is allow a Corax to double his rate of speed. Corax normally fly at up to 35 MPH, so a Corax calling upon Flight of the Swift can reach up to 70 mph. Using Flight of the Swift requires the sacrfice of a point of Rage and a Dexterity + Flying roll (Difficulty 5). Multiple successes can allow a Corax to go even faster than he is supposed to go by the Gift's parameters.

This gift is learned by: Corax

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