Fortuna (Rank 4)Edit

Cats love their friends, and they’re famous for their luck. This Gift allows them to share some of that good fortune with others, or even to use a bit of it themselves.


For every point of Gnosis spent, the Bastet (or her friend) can call for one re-roll of the dice. If she spends three Gnosis, she may re-roll the dice three times. Only one re-roll is allowed per task, and only if the first roll was a failure or a botch. This Gift may only be used once per scene, but it lasts until all rerolling has occurred. This luck works for whomever the werecat cares to give it to. Only one person at a time can receive this Fortuna — it can’t be given to a number of people before an adventure begins.

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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