Freyja’s Blessing (Rank 3)Edit

The old Norse goddess of fertility and love traveled in a chariot drawn by cats. Now she remembers the service by gifting certain cat-folk with a profound fertility, which they may bestow upon others if they wish. Although the Gift doesn’t insure that a given mating will sire a Bastet kitten, many within the Folk claim that without the Blessing, their kind might be virtually extinct.


By rolling Gnosis (difficulty 7) and calling upon Freyja, Gaia or Nala, the Bastet summons a Fertility-spirit into herself. By laying her hands on another’s belly, the werecat may pass the spirit into someone else who wants a child. A male may use the Gift at +1 difficulty to sire some offspring with his next mating. If the roll succeeds, a child of some kind will result. Whether that child carries the werecat gene depends on Nala’s (and the Storyteller’s) whim.

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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