Ghost Caress (Rank 4)Edit

This secret, called the “Ghost Caress” because most people blame ghosts for its effects, recalls the time when all things were still one. By tapping the spirits that bond objects together, the Swara can send sensations across a distance. To use the Gift, a cheetah must hold something that contains the essence of the person she wants to affect; locks of hair, prized possessions, or items of clothing are good examples. Focusing her intentions on the item, she does whatever she wants done to the item, not the target. A sympathetic pulse passes between the two objects and, if the cat has been successful, transfers a feeling from the item to the target. Although the magic can’t physically harm someone, it can drive him nearly crazy as phantom pains or pleasures wash over him without noticeable cause.


To reach across space, the Swara’s player spends a Willpower point and rolls Gnosis. The difficulty depends on the distance between the Bastet and her target. Whatever she does to her focus from that point passes the sensation on to the person on the receiving end. Each success gives her one action to perform. When those actions are done, the spell ends. This Gift passes sensations only, not damage; it can send the feeling of being slapped, but it will not do harm. Likewise, it cannot move the target at all; a Swara who simply lifts a handkerchief cannot lift the person who owned it.

Distance Difficulty
Nearby (1 Mile) 7
A Ways Off (2-5 Miles) 8
Distant (6-10 Miles) 9
Really Distant (10-50 Miles) 10

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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