Gibbous Moon's Understanding (Rank 4)Edit

The greatest of the Silver Fangs' Galliards have sometimes also been some of the tribe's most successful battlefield leaders. This Gift can take some of the credit for this. It allows the werewolf to howl out general or specific instructions to her allies, and have them heard and understood even over the noise of battle, thus showing everyone the Gibbous Moon's wisdom. To learn this Gift, the werewolf must persuade three different Lunes to spend a whole night in the character's company. Just before dawn, one of them will teach the Gift.

Silver Fangs of the Moon Lodge may learn this Gift. This is a Waxing Cycle gift.


The player spends a point of Rage and rolls Charisma + Leadership (difficulty 7). The number of successes is the number of howls the werewolf can make during this scene that will be understood as an order by any ally fighting in the same battle as the character. A Galliard character makes the roll at difficulty 5.

Source: Silver Fangs Tribebook Revised