Good Faith (Rank 3) Edit

With this Gift, the Garou can cause all those in his presence to become filled with a sense of higher purpose. They all feel the work they must do together is more important than their differences. All other distractions are gone, and they feel inspired to take reasonable positions, rather than inflexible postures or exaggerated stands intended to be bargained away. Those who resist, and continue to bargain in bad faith, become loudly and uncontrollably flatulent each time they state their position. This Gift is taught by avatars of the New World Trinity totem.

System Edit

The Garou rolls Wits + Expression against a difficulty of 6. Anyone who actively wants to resist finding common ground or negotiating in good faith must make a resisted Willpower roll (difficulty 6) against the Garou's number of successes. If he fails to resist, his opposition will be betrayed by his sudden flatulence, and he will likely be shunned and viewed as absurdly inflexible by those who bargain in good faith.

Source: Children of Gaia Tribebook 1st ed