Hare's Leap (Rank 1) Edit

By invoking this Gift, werewolf may leap incredible distances. Hare-, frog- and cat-spirits usually teach this Gift. The lost Bunyip knew this Gift as Leap of the Kangaroo, however marsupial-spirits seem loath to aid werewolves these days. Today, many werewolves call this Gift "Leap of the Kangaroo" in their fallen cousins' honor.

Feline Bastet may also learn this Gift at Rank 1.

System Edit

The player rolls Stamina + Athletics (difficulty 7). If successful, she may double her normal jumping distance. (See Jumping.)

Other terms for this gift are: Killer's Leap, Pounce, Leap of the Kangaroo Rat, Leap of the Kangaroo

Note: Killer's Leap is cited as Rank 2 in the Breedbook, but PGtCB lists Pounce as Rank 1. The Gift here is counted as Rank 1 for consistency's sake.

Sources: 3rd ed WWtA Corebook, Bastet Breedbook, Player's Guide to Changing Breeds