Helios's ChildEdit

(Level Four) Occasionally the Sun deigns to lend a bit of himself to a Corax in need. This present takes the form of a ball of lambent flame that materializes in the Corax' hand. The fire doesn't burn the Corax, but will ignite anything it touches (effective temperature 1000 degrees Fahrenheit; doing damage akin to that of a chemical fire.). One of Helios' spirit-servents teaches this gift.


To summon Helios's Child the Corax first asks Helios for help. The gift can be called upon at any time, day or night, but the request must me made of Helios before anything else happens. Of course, various Corax have various definations of what constitutes a "request" and Corax theologians point to the continued workings of this Gift as proof that Helios does in fact have a sense of humor. Beyond the request, the Corax must burn two points of Gnosis and close his eyes for a brief second (and roll Manipulation +Subterfuge, difficulty 7). When the Corax opens his eyes, if the Gift has functioned properly, a little piece of the sun will be resting in his palm ready for use.

This gift is learned by: Corax

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